Newbury Comics Scavenger Hunt


The Newbury Comics scavenger hunt started March 27th and ends April 6th. The idea of a huge scavenger hunt pre-record store day is genius. Newbury Comic’s scavenger hunt is a laundry list of tasks that one must complete to gain points; the person with the most points wins the grand prize of a $500 Newbury Comics gift card. Some of the tasks are taking pictures in front of famous landmarks or a selfie at the storefront of the first Newbury comics. Other tasks are answering trivia questions and doing activities, while taking selfies.

People who want to take part in the Newbury Comics Scavenger Hunt first have to download the Scavify App from their App store. The App is on the ios and android marketplace. After downloading you must create an account and search for the Newbury Comics Scavenger Hunt. When you find the Hunt in the search you have to hit the icon and select join. Then you will be able to see your task at hand for the hunt. The rest of the prizes are Newbury Comic gift cards in the following denominations: 2-$400 gift cards, 3-$300 gift cards, 5-$200 gift cards, 15-$100 gift cards, 50-$50 gift cards, 75-$25 gift cards, and 100-$10 gift cards. It’s no wonder why Newbury Comics is such a successful company. They are creative, fun, and think outside the box, all the time. What a great company!