NAMM 2015

2014 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

Normally around this time I get excited for the Grammy Awards, however since they have been disappointing the last five or six years, I have decided to redirect my excitement to this years NAMM conference. Not everyone knows that I have a passion for music instruments and recording equipment. After all, I have experience and a background in music production. The NAMM show is a much-anticipated release where consumers, as well as suppliers, learn about new products. NAMM means so much more to me, it gives me ideas and excuses to update my home studio. In this blog I wanted to highlight on some of the companies and products that are being displayed at NAMM 2015. In this blog I’m going to touch upon a few of my favorite companies and products.


Avid is giving away Pro Tools First. When a company gives their software away for free with less features and knows that the same people who have downloaded the free software will purchase the same software for bigger and better features. Avid previously released Pro Tools in 2000 and the free release worked in their favor. Avid knows Pro Tools is the chosen recording software among professionals.


The NS711 is a four-deck Serato DJ controller with multi-screen display, which offers 3 color displays and provides real time visual feedback of Serato DJ. The turntables are premium quality that enhances the motorized wheel play. The NS7111offers touch activated knobs for Filter, EQ, and Effects, while the MPC pads provide RGB feedback. The 10 pad modes are great for cues, loops, and sample triggering. With your purchase you receive the full downloadable version of Serato DJ and Toolroom Records artist launch packs.

The NV has a slick stylish look, while keeping the classic Numark feel. The Real-time full-color displays allow DJ’s to focus on their music versus always gazing at a computer screen. The displays have the capability to accommodate up to four decks. Touch-activated knobs can either be twisted or touched, making possibilities endless. The 16 Velocity- sensitive trigger pads have dynamic unmatched triggering samples and loops. The 10 pad modes allow you to manage your samples and loops with ease. The 4 decks of Serato DJ control makes multitasking easy and the DJ can focus on their work.

HF Wireless DJ Headphones can be wired or wireless and have a music playback time of 10 hours. The headphones, which are also collapsible with a built in microphone, come with a detachable cord. These headphones offer amazing sound with a wide range of 40mm drivers, a frequency of 60-20kHz Bluetooth technologies for excellent wireless streaming.

Another new product is the Lightwave. This compact DJ loudspeaker has a built-in dual array LED light show, which you can customize depending on the mood, meter, mix, or party. You are able to control and disable the brightness of the LED light show. This even excited my wife. The light show seems to catch everyone’s attention, while providing a fun atmosphere. This also can make up for a lack of professional lighting and still give you the professional feel.


The Rhythm Wolf is an analog drum machine and bass synthesizer. With the wolf you can create drum patterns and bass parts that are in your face. The analog voices offer variable sound shaping controls and a 32-step standalone sequencer. The Howl knob allows you to create new transitions and progressions. This user-friendly drum machine would make a great addition to any gear head’s studio

The Akai Professional’s Advance Keyboards are available in 25-, 49-, and 61- key sizes. The keyboards allow you to create like no other, with virtual instruments, color display and performance controls. The Advance Keyboards offers a total hands-on performing experience. The keyboard works with any VSTi, the Virtual Instrument Player (VIP), and software can all be controlled by just one application. This easy to use keyboard includes RGB backlit, velocity and pressure sensitive pads on the surface, and easy to use knobs for adjustments.


The DM10 Studio Kit is a professional six-piece electric drum set. The DM10 gives you more bangs for your buck and amazing sound quality. You will hear precise drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds as soon as you sit in front of the DM10. This is the first drum-sound module where you can load new sounds by a USB connection. Some specs include, 12 trigger inputs, top panel mixer, RealHead drum pads, DMPad Cymbals, and StageRack. The RealHead pad comes in 2 sizes, 10” and 8”. The drum kit includes four DMPad Cymbals: DMPad Hi-Hatl, DMPad Crash with choke, a triple zone DMPad Ride with choke, and a DMPad Cymbal. The StageRack provides stability for even the most adrenaline packed drummer. As a fellow drummer, I can’t wait to get my hands on this kit. However, I think I’m going to have to convince my wife that I need this one. Wish me luck.

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