Record Store Day Flip or Flop?


Record Store Day Black Friday 2014 was poorly marketed. I normally shop at record stores at least twice a week and I seemed to have forgot that RSD was on Black Friday. Traditionally it is always on Black Friday, but without advertisements it was easy to forget. There were absolutely no advertisements to make consumers aware of the RSD. Maybe the downfall was the independent record stores within my region. I’m not talking about just solo independent stores. I am talking about large independents, like Newbury Comics. They did not seem to take the initiative to market and promote RSD. Some of the vinyl that was featured for RSD 2014 seemed a little too exclusive, with some very low pressed up vinyl units. Again, leaving vinyl fans no choice, but to pay higher marked up prices in online sales. I feel even if RSD was advertised and marketed correctly, there still would be a lot of consumer confusion being on the same day as Black Friday, one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year. Consumers have a hard enough time remembering what they need to buy and who they need to shop for, let alone remembering RSD and the vinyl they would like to purchase. There is the added frustration with all the traffic and chaos with such a busy day like Black Friday. I feel that RSD is an individual shopping habit. Meaning that the consumers are holiday shopping for others. RSD Black Friday shopping creates consumer confusion. Black Friday shoppers are in the holiday spirit, buying and thinking of others.

I cannot wait to see the results of this RSD. I think that RSD should be on a special day alone, after all music is an important part of everyone’s life and others should give it the respect it deserves. The real takeaway of RSD is that it should be separate from Black Friday. This would allow more attention to be given to independent records stores and the music they sell. Also, consumers would have more time to concentrate and focus more on the products. Consumers should have the opportunity to take part in RSD festivities. For example, performances would more than likely boost RSD attendance. They can hardly do that now, due to the traffic Black Friday brings. Other RSD’s had exclusive gifts like tote bags, pins, and other trinkets that fans could collect. In my eyes, they have toned down RSD, because of Black Friday so it does not become a trample fest.