Iggy Pop Rocks


Recently at the UK Radio Festival, music legend, Iggy Pop gave the annual John Peel lecture about the music industry. In this lecture he said the music industry was “laughably, maybe, almost entirely pirate.” He blamed the state of the music industry on electronic devices and consumers, by saying “Electronic devices estranged people from their morals, making it easier to steal music than to pay for it.”

Iggy Pop believes record companies are out to get artists and musicians. He said, “Even the ones you think are great will eventually sell you out to someone who doesn’t care about you.” Record labels are looking for a quick buck, at your cost. Record labels are getting back what they put in, they took advantage of artists and consumers and now the digital age is putting them in their place. Record labels no longer have the power; it’s out of their hands. Iggy Pop is just proving a point that music should not be stolen, because the artist is no longer getting paid.

Iggy Pop made some great points that I have always pointed out to my music industry peers. The music industry has always taken the artist or group over the hurdle and if they could take every penny for themselves, most of them would. Now that the music industry has decided to accept the transformation of physical to digital within the past five years instead of fighting it. Karma is a bitch and they now are paying the piper. The music industry has allowed second and third parties to control the distribution, marketing, and pricing of music. The music industry does not have to depend on streaming services and iTunes to make money. We have to be creative and bring the passion for music back to the consumer. Also, we have to restore our relations between artist and music business professionals. We all must play on fair ground alike; after all there is no business without the music. So respect the artist and their music.