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Music Marketing: Creativity At It’s Best

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I’m not sure that folk singer/songwriter, Eliot Bronson, has the cure for your “New Pain.” In his creative music marketing approach the folk star features his song “New Pain” the ingenious demo is a pill bottle and inside the bottle you will find a giant pill. The pill is a USB drive that contains his demo. He might not have a cure, but he might have the answer to one of the music industry’s problems. For years the music industry has been missing their creative approaches of past years, while losing the interest of consumers and the media’s attention. The promotional demo reminds me of P Diddy’s early years, when he marketed the Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack’s demo in a Big Mac cardboard container, which featured the demo of both artists. I feel that the music industry has lost their creativity and Bronson and his team have captured their creativity with the pill bottle and pill USB demo release. Not to mention that Eliot Bronson is a talented folk singer/songwriter from Baltimore, MD. Bronson reminds me of a young, energetic Bob Dylan.   Bronson was raised in a Pentecostal home, where music became his passion. At a young age he became familiar with folk music, thanks to his parents. His musical career took him away from his folk music roots, but “New Pain” brought him back home. Bronson said, “ I spent a long time trying to get away from where I came from, but it never really felt right. This is the music I’ve always had in me. This record is me.”

I encourage and recommend all folk fans and fans of music to give Eliot Branson a listen. I feel he is well worth it and deserves your ear.