The Challenge Heard Around The World



In lue of the Labor Day weekend and the M.D.A Telethon, I have decided to write about the ice bucket challenge. The ice bucket challenge seems like a great marketing and promotional idea, because it is. Many people who have taken the challenge seem to pour the ice water over their head to get out of donating the 100-dollar fee to A.L.S. The challenge has helped gain awareness for A.L.S, but has achieved the main goal to raise money. The trend of the ice bucket challenge has brought more attention and awareness to A.L.S. However, I feel that way too many people accepted the challenge. I myself thought many of the people that accepted the challenge were not active donators. It was not until I saw a few Facebook friends accept and complete the ice bucket challenge. They said that they had donated ten dollars or more to A.L.S. It was at this point that I believe that many people did the same. I believe the ice bucket challenge was a great success. The awareness it has brought to A.L.S and hopefully the fundraising matches the success of the awareness. Only time will show the true success of this campaign.

The true hero and genius mind behind the ice bucket challenge is Pete Frates of Beverly, Massachusetts. The 29 year old was diagnosed with A.L.S (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease two years ago. Frates like Gehrig had an incredible baseball career with the Eagles at Boston College. It amazes me that Gehrig and Frates share so many similarities. However, Frates is a hero on and off the field to me. Without Pete Frates there would be no ice bucket challenge and the fundraising would not be up 3,500%. The reality is that the ice bucket challenge has raised 100 million dollars and has brought attention to A.L.S in a fun and creative way. I myself was challenged by a coworker and decided to donate instead of taking the challenge.




Congratulations to Pete and his family on their new addition, Lucy Fitzgerald Frates, born on August 31st.Lucy-Fitzgerald-Frates