Music Consumers Want It Their Way


Music consumers want to feel the value of the consumed music, they don’t want to question their every buy. If artists and labels were willing to add special features and extra material to albums, it would encourage consumer spending. The extra material could be additional music downloads, photos and maybe even a chance to win concert tickets. The ideas for extra material are endless. They can get very creative based on the characteristics of the fans and personalities of the artists.

Consumers want quality music. Consumers want music that has substance in which they can relate to on a personal level. For years the music industry has released albums from artists that are not commercially ready for consumers. These rushed releases get lost in the shuffle due to inadequate marketing and promotions. These shortcomings leave consumers/fans uninformed and unaware of releases that may interest their consumer purchases. The thing consumers want when it comes to music is more excitement. The fans miss the excitement of album releases, concert announcements and other artist information. I remember the excitement I felt when radio stations used to announce concerts that were coming to the area. Also, I remember a time when MTV would premier music videos, before they would air on the TRL count down. Music was more exciting back in the day, what the hell happened? Some say the suits took over the music industry and we are lacking creative people in the music business. Others blame P2P file sharing for the influx of interest. There are many so-called reasons for the lack of sales and consumer interest when it comes to music. I believe there are many reasons for both. I know that we must bring the quality and excitement back to the music industry.