Every Company Wants To Start A Record Label


In a time when the music industry seems more saturated by new music, it seem as though everyone is starting their own label. Companies like Converse, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew have all started their own record labels. But what is the purpose? Red Bull said there is a void in the niche market among their consumers and by starting a record company that could fill that void.

Converse opened up Rubber Tracks, were artists can sign up to record songs for free. The musicians have the option of giving Converse limited rights and Converse can publish the music online, if not the artist can keep all rights to their music. Geoff Cottrill, Converse’s Chief Marketing Officer stated, “By opening Converse Rubber Tracks, it’s a way for us to say thank you to musicians all over who have helped us become the brand we are and to provide a place for new artists to have access to resources they may not be able to afford. This is our way to invest in the future of music and we couldn’t be more excited about it.” Musicians are taking advantage of Rubber Tracks, because they get to record for free in a state of the art studio.

As for Pepsi and Mountain Dew, music will be playing a major part in all of the company’s brand strategies. Mountain Dew has officially opened Green Label Sound, while Pepsi is trying to figure out were to begin. Green Label Sound is currently engaging on how they are doing by keeping up with their social media outlets. Pepsi seems to want a label like presence without actually starting a record label. Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Cooper said they are taking a new approach. Pepsi wants to aid in the discovery, distribution and touring aspects of the music industry.

Intel has teamed up with Vice to strengthen their relationships with the younger crowd.   One of Intel’s creative directors have said, “ We knew we had a problem with talking to young adults, because our product isn’t something you can touch and feel-it’s built inside a computer. We wanted to really build a program to showcase the amazing moments happening in art and make it as transparent as possible to show people worldwide what happens when you maximize with technology.”

I think its great that companies are starting their own labels. I feel that these companies should utilize the music that they produce with the independent artists. They should distribute it through commercials, downloads and other media outlets. In a time when music is so saturated, maybe niche products are the way for independent musicians to help create their fan base. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, in years to come it will be one of the independent norms. Artists will get in where they fit in and they will represent companies that represent them in their demographics.