The Music Lives On, But Should Unreleased Material Be Released?


Over the years we have seen many-deceased artist’s unreleased material resurrect. Artists like Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G, Amy Winehouse and now Michael Jackson is now rising from the dead. Michael Jackson is scheduled to release his unreleased material in an album called Xscape. Xscape is scheduled to be released on May 13th.   Many of the tracks have been featured on the Internet and radio. Usher has even performed a track that is titled “Love Never Felt This Good” on the iHeart Radio Awards. In my opinion, the performance was sloppy and definitely not something Michael Jackson would have been proud of.

I feel that when record labels decide to release unreleased work as a commercially sound album, they should make sure it is just that…sound. Jackson’s upcoming album has low quality vocals. The sound is very low budget. We all know Michael Jackson as a perfectionist. You and I both know that Michael Jackson would not release an album unless he was totally satisfied. It maybe Michael Jackson’s music and voice, but it does not have his special touch. Sometimes when music is unreleased, there is a good reason for that.

The artist’s creative input is put on the back burner. I believe the industry is being greedy just to make a quick buck. The artist, more than likely, would not collaborate with the artists that are featured on these tracks. Would Michael Jackson really want Usher on his track? Or is L.A. Reid behind that collaboration? Greed will always out weigh the legacy and the creative feelings of the deceased artist. It’s a sad world when the King of Pop gets treated like a joker.