After the attendees and performers left SXSW, one company was still making a ripple effect. That company was CoolNerd; the company is a mobile device-charging kiosk. CoolNerd’s kiosk provides most connectors for mobile devices. More than likely you need about 15 minutes to charge your device and CoolNerd will keep you entertained by providing music, movies and advertisements.

In Live Nation venues, CoolNerd will be able to offer free music. They are now expanding into airports and grocery stores. In some occasions, CoolNerd will also offer free album downloads from the artists that are performing. Amazon and other independent distributors will pay for this service; this can be done thanks to the advertisements you watch while charging your device. While the kiosk sits idle, the kiosk will display an ad for whatever artist is playing at that venue and other products that are available. Mark Unthank, CoolNerd’s founder further explained, “Depending on the venue, if there’s a lot of foot traffic, since our kiosk runs ads, the music would be free to the customer, because the ads pay for it. The artist gets paid, but the concert-goer gets the music for free.”

I think this is phenomenal, it’s a way to beat piracy and it’s a new way to make revenue for the music industry. It captures the digital culture and the fast paced lifestyle that everyone lives. At a time when download sales are diminishing and heading in a downward spiral, CoolNerd seems like a great solution. Streaming has a low profit margin and this kind of service could bring in a substantially higher needed income for artists and labels.