April Fools Day 2014


This was a great April Fools joke. Those who read Digital Music News know that they do not support Spotify and Pandora. The opening statement saying that Daniel Ek decided to release this statement with the online publication was beyond funny and amusing. The avid reader of Digital Music News would have known right off the bat that they are anti-Spotify and Pandora. The interviewer in the faux story asked if he could call Daniel Ek Dan, and he said, “Daniel is good.” The interviewer rudely replied “Danny.” If this story were real, the interview would have ended right there and then. There would have not been an interview.

Ek said he wanted to reveal the news to Digital Music News first, because they have been so supportive of Spotify. If someone reading this article would cross-reference, they would see that there are no other follow up articles from other music industry publications. Digital Music News followed up with another story saying that Google purchased Spotify for 4.1 billion dollars, which is a ridiculous price for a streaming company that hasn’t turned a profit and still is on a free subscription model. At one point the interviewer asked the question of how could Spotify afford to pay musicians one dollar per stream without going bankrupt. The answer is that they can’t, even if they wanted to. The interviewer asks if the fake Daniel Ek can reveal the current pay out structure, Ek replied that he has been dodging this question for years. He said rates would stay the same until September 2016. The interviewer said, did I hear you say that independent labels and self distributed musicians will earn one dollar per stream and that labels will continue to earn a half a penny per stream? Ek says that’s correct. At this point the joke turns in to an “Ah Hah I got you.“

There are funny parts to this interview, but the funniest has to be the ending. It says upon hearing the news, Thom Yorke of Radiohead has issued a take down notice to iTunes and has sent all of his music to Spotify.

The point being is that people read things too fast and sometimes do not understand or apply common sense.