Liztic Review


Liztic is an amazing music platform that allows music consumers to listen to their music seamlessly between devices. Subscribers have the ability to download the software to their smart phone, tablet and desktop, were they are able to upload their music library to the cloud drive.

Once Liztic subscribers upload their library to the cloud drive they have the choice to stream music or download it directly to their smart phone, tablet or desktop. The ability to do so allows subscribers to save valuable memory on their devices and gives the users the ability to stream or download their music library.

Installing software

Once a subscriber creates an account, they can easily download Liztic’s software to their desktop, tablet or smart phone from Liztic’s homepage or App store. Note: Mac users make sure you have an updated IOS.


Liztic’s tutorial is one of the most user friendly tutorials I have seen. The tutorial answers every question that a user may have, without overwhelming the user. Liztic even has a helpful video tutorial to walk subscribers through most steps. I found this to be extra helpful for the user that may not be tech savvy.

Uploading Music 

Subscribers can download their music library through Dropbox or Google Drive. The uploaded music does not have to be reformatted; in fact Liztic accepts FLAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, ALAC.  Note: It would have been nice to see a direct connection between iTunes and Liztic. I am not sure if it’s something Liztic can do, but it would be a great idea.

The Player

The player is simple, smooth and very easy to use. It is easy to learn in no time.


Liztic is a great music platform that gives consumer access to their music on multiple devices. Liztic has three levels of service depending on the subscribers needs ranging from a music library of 250 to unlimited songs, which reaches an array of music consumers, the avid music listener, music aficionado and professional.