Stolen Idea


Over the past 3 years I have been shopping around a music business idea that I had.  Last month I found out that one of the music execs that I shared the idea with is trying to put my idea in motion and partner with big media giants which are contributing millions to this idea.  When I was shopping this idea around a lot of music industry execs said it was an idea that was unattainable, impossible and would never lift off the ground, never mind stay a float.  The 30 year plus music executive is now being praised as a genius with “his” new idea by Billboard and other industry executives.  I would not have been mad if he included me and compensated me for my thoughts and ideas.

I used to look up to this individual.  Now I am very uncertain of his other ventures.  It’s hard for me to believe his credibility.  He shared my idea at a large industry conference a few weeks ago.  People in the music industry always ask you what you can contribute, but when you do so they do not want to compensate you.  It’s pure greed.  Let this be a warning for all about how cutthroat the industry can be.