The Importance of Marketing


Marketing is essential on every level of business; it is the gateway to new clients and consumers.  I cannot stress the importance of marketing.  Any and every business can benefit from marketing in the areas of sales and product/service awareness.  If one is not marketing their business, the company will not prosper.  Your business can be the best that there ever was and if you aren’t properly marketing yourself, you aren’t making progress.  If you know you have a great product you need to know how to market it well.

Your sales will climb when you start to market your business.  Your current consumers and potential consumers will continue to hear your marketing campaigns and continue to purchase.  In the words of Mark Cuban, “No sales, no company.”  Once you start getting more sales due to marketing, your product awareness will grow.  This growing awareness will plant a seed inside your consumer’s head, if they don’t purchase today, they will tomorrow.  Marketing allows your consumers to know more about your product and how they can purchase.  Marketing causes an awareness, which increases your sales. 

Knowing your consumers will help you on how and when you should market your product and company.  You are gaining your consumers trust and the more they trust you, the more they will buy from you.  The earlier you start to market your business, the earlier you will start building a relationship with your consumers.  A good example would be an Akai MPC and the Native Instruments MASCHINE.  The MPC has been around longer, so the consumer would more than likely choose the MPC over the MASCHINE, because of the trust and longevity of the MPC. 

The best way to market in this day and age is social media.  The word of mouth travels fast on YouTube and Blogs.  From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, possibilities are endless.