Black Friday Bust?



Music fanatics beloved Record Store Day was featured on Black Friday, which seemed to be poor timing for such an event.  Competing with other retailers for the attention of the consumers seems quite impossible on Black Friday.  I myself being a music fanatic forgot about Record Store Day, due to the hype of Black Friday.  My wife reminded me of Record Store Day when she saw Lady Gaga promoting Record Store Day on her social networking profiles.

When the music industry has promotional events, the music industry must have a bigger voice.  The music industry must communicate and help promote such events.  If they wanted to have a Record Store Day, they could have hosted the event through the holiday season, but why Black Friday?

Artists and musicians like to stand out and be trendsetters.  So why are we keeping up with the Joneses?  Instead of creative people in the industry, there are way to many stuffy suites.   Either way it will be interesting to see the sales generated from Record Store Day.