Marc Geiger has been chosen to deliver a keynote at the Midem conference!


Marc Geiger has been chosen to deliver a keynote at the Midem conference.  He is basically going to tell everyone the fate of the music industry and the direction that they will take.  With much anticipation toward this keynote speech, I decided to Google Marc Geiger’s last keynote from IBIZA International Music Summit 2013.  In this keynote, he expressed the music industries problems with artist development and creating longevity.  He also goes on to talk about the saturation of music on media platforms, while expressing the importance of filtering shitty music.  While also saying that the music industry must produce quality music and raise the bar.  He also stated that we as an industry must simplify the search platforms, so consumers can easily discover new talents that are worthy of discovering, while again expressing the need for filters.


Throughout the speech, Marc kept on repeating the same four problems of the music industry.  One, development and longevity of talent.  Two, filtering the saturated media platforms.  Three, releasing quality music.  Four, simplifying artist discovery for consumers.  After reviewing this keynote my excitement has dwindled to an all time low due to Marc talking about everyday distribution patterns that are broken and flawed.  He keyed in that he believed subscription services and ad placement are the new forms of revenue for the music industry. 



Feel free to view Marc Geiger’s keynote from the IBIZA International Music Summit 2013.