I recently read about an ongoing lawsuit dealing with copyright infringement from the Beastie Boys album, “Paul’s Boutique” which was released in 1989.  I feel that the lawsuit was very delayed and was filed at a very distasteful time, one day before Adam Yauch lost his battle with cancer. 


I feel that there should be some type of standard law that protects artists that have sampled in their songs from earlier years, when sampling was becoming popular.  There should be a time frame of limitations.  This was a popular album, not an album that recently started getting played.  It is a legendary album.  These people are for a lack of better words, looking for a payday and I’m not sure that they deserve it.


This is almost at ridiculous as Marvin Gaye’s family stating that Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” sounded identical to Marvin Gaye’s song, “Got To Give It Up.”  Thicke has even gone on to say that Marvin Gaye musically influenced him.  The only difference between the two cases is that Marvin Gaye’s family did not wait twenty-four years to file suit.  The overall key point is that in 1989 there weren’t clear guidelines on sampling and how to transcend royalties for samples.