Not What You Know, But Who You Know


It’s no wonder why people are less inspired and satisfied at work nowadays.  The decision to hire unqualified employees not only affects the performance of the company, but also the profitability.  The reason why they are unsatisfied is because people are obtaining jobs by who they know, not what they know.  People unfairly move up the corporate ladder, being rewarded for who they know instead of their work performance.

I myself have seen first hand, while waiting for a meeting at one of the four major record labels, employees talking about the difference between a mechanical royalty and a performance royalty, only to be disappointed by the employees responses of uncertainty.  Really, how are you going to work for one of the major labels and not know simple music industry knowledge?

I once applied for a marketing job within the industry.  I became friendly with a few of the employees, while talking to one of the employees they told me that they were going to school for their bachelor’s degree, while I just obtained my master’s degree.  The company stated that my background and experience did not meet their needs.  This employee was saying how he is still learning his role in the marketing department, while obtaining his degree.  Shouldn’t he already know his role?  How can he put forth in the companies day to day operations?  I found this baffling.  How can one start a career without having the background and experience to back it up?

Now I don’t want to rant and rave, but how can the music industry prosper if they are not hiring the ones with the drive, passion, experience and education?