Shady Business: Artists Beware


There was recently a post of and A&R job, the description read that you did not need talent whatsoever; you basically needed a good ear.  I have seen this before and it was a scam.  In the past I was called in for an interview with the company that claimed to be a record label, which only staged showcases to generate revenue.  The money from the showcase would come from fees that the artist would have to pay to be featured in the showcase.  When I asked about distribution they looked at me funny, because none of the artists had distribution.

I went on to ask what was the furthest, career wise, that they have taken an artist.  Again the interviewer was hesitant to answer the question and then said it was hard to answer.  After the interview I received a call back, saying that they wanted me to work for their record label and that there was a training fee of several hundred dollars.  I told the man on the phone that I would not pay his training fees and that I could not accept the job, because I was not in the business of selling false hope. 

I was 99% sure after reading this ad that this was a scam.  When I went for this new interview they were conducting two interviews in the same room, this seemed very unprofessional.  While being interviewed I noticed that the candidates did not have any industry experience and the interviewers had even less.  The interviewer explained to me that they wanted me to bring two artists to a showcase that they would be holding within the next two weeks.  They explained that the artists would eventually need sponsors to pay for their entry into the showcase.  I then stopped the interviewer and showed him my professional portfolio, highlighting my talents and accomplishments.  I then explained and exposed that I knew this was a scam, the interviewer then told me that he did independent movies and was looking for someone to do marketing.  I asked the interviewer why he didn’t do anything within the music industry and he replied back that there are too many snakes.  How ironic is that!