Social Media Marketing: End All Be All?


Social Marketing is a good tool, but it’s not the only thing an artist or company should be doing.  There are many reasons why one shouldn’t depend on social media.  Not everyone uses social media, so you might not be targeting your specific audience.  Only 37% of marketers think that Facebook advertising is effective.  Another problem with social media is that your competitors are already advertising on these platforms.  It’s hard to gain the attention of consumers.

When dealing with Facebook competitors are in the same space competing for the consumer’s attention, while when you have your own webpage you fight for viewers with your competitors, but it is your own space.

When you’re doing social media, you depend on a third party.  You have no right to your own page.  If there are changes within the social media platform your business could lose content, formatting, or even worse having to start from scratch.  You have to worry if the site would go down.  If you depend solely on the social network platform your business will not have any web presence.  When you have your own website you do not have to worry about these sort of problems.  Everything is on you; you are making the changes and maintaining the site. 

In the world of likes, pins, and tweets; Incyte Groups says in its new study in consumer buying habits that real value doesn’t come from any of the above.  “It comes down to engaging customers to create lasting relationships built on relevant information, which can be accomplished via a branded consumer community.  When a consumers looks to part with their hard earned cash, they want to do so with brands they know and trust, not companies that repeatedly spam them on Facebook or Twitter.”  The report goes on to say that 70% of visitors on the platforms go to platforms on social network sites for social reasons, while 12% go to interact with brands.  When marketing yourself it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket.