Intern Hunters Beware!


So, it’s that time in your college career to look for an internship.  That’s great but do you know how to look for an internship?  Let me try to help instruct you on how to find the internship that works for you.  The ideal internship is normally to land job placement or to network towards job placement.  However not every internship has a job at the end of the tunnel. 

College students must determine what they want to take away from their internship. You must ask yourself, “Why am I doing this internship?”  Is it a requirement, trying to network, or experience for you future career.  One must guesstimate the best companies out there for their success in the industry.

Bigger companies do not always mean better chances for job placement and gaining experience. In fact most bigger companies are going to give you lame jobs, like running to get coffee, copying papers and other simple office tasks.  A smaller company will give you a more hands on approach and the experience that you’re looking for within your industry.  The larger companies are better for networking and long term job placement.  Just because the company you are interning for is not hiring does not mean the other companies they do business with are not taking note of your hard work.

While interning, it is important to know the needs of your company and try to be one step ahead of their needs at all times.  Don’t forget an internship is like a job.  With that said, show them what you have to offer.  Always take on projects that others may not find rewarding or that maybe difficult.  The reward may be a job or some type of perk.

If at anytime you feel that your internship seems unrewarding or leads you away from your goals, simply part ways from the internship.  Keep in mind that it maybe hard to find another internship.    I wish you much luck on your internship and hope you have a great school year.