Who saved the VMA’s?


The 2013 VMA’s started out poorly on the Red Carpet that looked more like an open mic with performers that I have never heard of.  These performers showed little to keep my interest, never mind to put the effort of researching the acts, which I believe was the whole idea of featuring them in the first place.

The first performer of the night was Lady Gaga, a solid act, however she did not have the wow effect of past performances.  Miley Cyrus’ performance was quite raunchy and lacked creativity.  Watching her twerk all over the stage and then grinding on the married Robin Thicke was kind of pathetic and sad.  It seems like the young lady that made her debut on the Disney channel has made a very poor choice in her career.  Instead of showcasing her talent, she has chosen to sell sex.

The performance that seemed to save the VMA’s, was Justin Timberlake and the reunion of NSYNC.  All Sunday there were speculations of the group joining Justin Timberlake onstage to perform at the VMA’s.  I myself was confronted by the excitement of the reunion of the Fab Five boy band.  My wife and her friends/family ranted and raved prior to the VMA’s.

Justin Timberlake’s performance was stellar, while not being a fan I still enjoyed how he mixed up his music and he displayed great showmanship.  His performance had to be one of the longest in VMA history.

Without Justin Timberlake’s performance and the NSYNC reunion the VMA’s would have been a flop.  The night would have turned into a three-ring circus with Miley Cyrus cracking the whip and a few mediocre performances.  Never mind the poor sound quality that MTV broadcasted, excluding the Katy Perry performance.

MTV should send Justin Timberlake and NSYNC a Thank You letter for bailing them out.