Music and Big Companies


In the past few years music and big companies have gone hand and hand.  Companies like Pepsi and Budweiser have harnessed the pop culture and featured artists like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna, just to name a few.

Other companies have chosen to be trendsetters and give exposure to independent artists.

Apple for one used to feature independent artists in their commercials and had the right to play any song in the Apple store.  For example, Yael Naim’s new song, New Soul, was featured in Apple’s commercial, which has given her maximum exposure.  Apple has not only exposed her as an independent artist, but helped music fans discover her music.

Converse has its studio in Brooklyn, NY, Rubber Tracks, where artists can apply for free studio time at their professional studio at no cost to the artist.  Artist’s themselves own the rights to the publishing, however Converse has limited rights to feature songs on Converse.com and affiliated sites.

I believe that Apple and Converse understand the consumer’s mindset in the sense that they’re looking for something new in music discovery.  Consumers would be more excited about advertisements and marketing if it featured artists on an independent level.  These artists do not have Beyonce and Jay-Z status, however have great talent that would excite and interest consumers.  This would break up the monotony of hearing the same artists over and over again.  This would bring light to new talent.

Going with an independent artist is not only beneficial to the company, because they can pay a lower payout, but the independent