Taking Back Control of the Music Industry


The music on the Internet has been overwhelming and it has been an oversaturated outlet for music. The Internet has allowed millions of people to blasts their music just about everywhere on cyberspace. We must filter the saturation of music and content.

We must develop artists with true talent and longevity, to truly see a return on our investments. The industry must part its way from the current one-hit wonders and introduce a new time, when consumers get excited to buy whole albums again. We have been substituting quantity for quality for a very long time.

The old distribution patterns are broken and tainted by outside influences. The music industry has put its faith in the hands of tech companies. These companies have no music industry backgrounds and only have two objectives. The first is to take control of their market and second is to make a profit for their company.

These companies want to be the music industries life support system. Keeping the industry at a low point to reap the benefits, not looking out for the best interest of all the parties involved.

We have seen this in the past with iTunes and big box retailers. We met the demand of both, only to be bullied around. We must take back control of the industry and restore the value of music.