Honest Business


A while back two brothers, who were contestants on a popular TV show, approached me about managing them. They were two fine musicians, after researching these musicians I found out they landed a deal with a major label and released a successful album in Japan.

I always find it funny, that TV talent shows want viewers to believe that contestants are raw unfound talent.

Well back to the story, I was on the phone with one of the musicians discussing manager duties that I would have to perform. He then explained that as a manager I would have to take care of their online sales from their website. I quickly stopped and asked him if they were still under contract with the major label. He became very angry and told me not to worry about the label. I went on to explain to him how important it was to know the details of the contract with the major label. He then confessed that they still were under contract.  Also, he said that they had been burning their CDs that they were selling online.

It was at this point that I explained to him that he was infringing on copyright laws and that we would have to part ways. He called me up several times after this conversation always trying to sweeten the deal a little bit more. I always declined the offer and told him it was very unethical and wrong.  It went against everything that I believed in and worked so hard for.

The point of the story is one should always be professional and make ethical decisions based on research, education and morals.