The Music Industry, Not So Creative


Over the past decade the music industry has replaced many artistically creative people for uptight suits with MBA’s.  This period has forever stunt the creativity within the music industry.

iTunes is a creative alternative distribution pattern that was created by a tech company.  Apple has been more creative and innovative in one year than the music industry has been in the past ten years.  Due to this, the music industry would be forced to meet the demands of iTunes and be forced into an unfair one-sided relationship.

The music industry still in its weakened condition meets the demands of subscription sites and streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify that give little profit on the returns.  Yet again, two tech companies find a creative distribution pattern and weakening the music industry.

Ok, I’ve touched enough upon distribution, let’s talk about selling music.  Who would think Hallmark, a greeting card company, could do a better job of selling music to the consumers.  Hallmark has been selling cards with music for over 7 years.  They have been selling musical cards with music for $5.99 and the music industry can’t even sell a whole album for $9.99, how sad is that when you are defeated by a greeting card company?

The video game makers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero found a creative way to sell deep catalog and introduced younger listeners to music they may not have been exposed to.  These video games may have helped or aided CD purchases and refueled the interest to play instruments.

Don’t you think it’s time we brought creativity back into the music industry?

Why don’t we stop using the same cookie cutter approaches in marketing and promotions? The consumers see no interest and less then excited about new music releases.