The Living Breathing Dinosaur (Newbury Comics)


How is that Newbury Comics survived the climate change, while the other dinosaurs died.  The answer is Newbury Comics adapted and changed with the climate.  Over and over again Newbury comics has transformed their store in rapid speed based on fast-moving trends.  One can visit any Newbury Comics location and quickly see this is not an average record store.

They sell comic books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl, novelty items, sports memorabilia, trendy clothing and accessories.  Over the years shopping at Newbury Comics I have seen the transformation of floor space numerous times.

In my recent visit, I noticed the CD section shrinking a little more and the DVD section growing an extra row.  The vinyl section moved from the back of the store to the front, which is proof that the store is a fast mover on trends and will transform its floor space at a drop of a dime.

The music industry can learn some valuable lessons from Newbury Comics:  in this sense that the music industry must move quickly on trends and learn to transform with the times, instead of fighting against change.