Kids Don’t Value Music!


Quinn Sullivan & Buddy Guy

We as a society do not show the younger generation the value of music.  We cut music programs for sports programs.  Music is a void in their lives, we as an industry must support and sponsor school music programs.  If we do not do so school children will never be exposed to different genres of music.  Also, children will never learn the skill set of learning to play an instrument.  It’s no wonder why children and young adults do not see the value of music.

We as an industry must support the music programs from being cut.  We must invest in the future of the children for they are our future consumers.  Exposing children to different genres of music is an essential part of creating new consumers.

I hear kids say all the time that they want to grow up to be baseball players, like Derek Cheater or A-Roid.  I would be more than happy to hear a kid say, “When I grow up, I want to be like Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa, or Bruce Springsteen.”  It would bring a tear to my eye, if my child would grow up to be a musician.